Monday 20.04.20

Warm up
2 rounds
10 x pass thru / helicopters 2nd
10 x squats / sumo squats 2nd
5 x toe touch press ups
10 x cossack squats 5 each
10 x bird pickers 5 each
10 x t-spine rotations 5 each
10 x bridge ups
10 x reverse snow angels

A. Every 2:30 x 5
6 x front squats 43X1
15 sec rest
Max L-sit *

* if you cant do L-sit do V-sit / hollow hold for up to 30 sec.

B. 6 min amrap
Ascending ladder
Kb swings

3 min rest

C. 6 min amrap
Ascending ladder
Kb swings

* if you do single arm rows or light bent over rows do same amount as the swings.

Zoom session 5:30 tonight

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