Saturday 18.04.20

With running clock
0:00 – 15:00
For time
100 du
21 burpees
75 du
15 burpees
50 du
9 burpees

* if unable to skip
400m run or 500/400m row
300m run or 400/300m row
200m run or 300/200m row

15:00 – 35:00
For time
800m run
20 x dumbbell clusters
600m run
16 x dumbbell clusters
400m run
12 x dumbbell clusters
200m run
8 x dumbbell clusters

Row option (double for the bike erg)

Assault bike option
60/45 cal
45/34 cal
30/22 cal
15/10 cal

Perform 100 reps of any of these for quality:
-band pull aparts
-banded face pulls
-single arm rows
-bent over rows

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