Tuesday 21.04.20

A. 10 min handstand play
– Practice free standing handstand
– handstand hold against the wall (add shoulder tap for difficulty)
– every 30 sec 1 x wall walk scale down to of the chair walk

B. “Nancy”
5 rounds for time
400m run
15 x oh squats (rx 42.5/30kg)

Use empty bar or broomstick for oh squats. You can sub for goblet squats. The weight should allow you to go unbroken glen the squats for the 1st 2 rounds.

Row option (double for bike erg):

Assault bike:
30/22 cal

C. 10 min to stretch. Really important you do these, set a timer and stretch for 10 minutes.
Some options:

1 min calf stretch each
2 min foam rolling your quads each
1 min hamstring stretch each
1 min pec stretch

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