Monday 01.06.20

Warm up:
10m side crawl
10m hurdles (switch legs after 5m)
10m side crawl
10m bunny hops

Followed by

10 x pass thru
10 x helicopters
10 x cossack squats
10 x ham makers
10 x bridge ups
10 x t-spine rotations
5 x yoga press ups
10 x reverse snow angels

A. 25 min emom
1st 8-12 Single arm press each side
2nd 15-20 x towel pull ups
3rd 5 goblet squats 43×1
4th 8-10 goblet lunges each side
5th rest

B. 3 sets
30 sec side stretch each side
30 sec marching side plank each side

Bring a dumbbell or kettlebell and towel for your pull ups.

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