Monday 11.05.20

Warm up:
2 rounds
10 x pass thru / helicopters
10 x sumo / narrow squats
10 x cossack squats 5 each side
5 x toe touch press ups
10 x ham makers
10 x leg reach / scorpion 5 each side
10 x reverse snow angels

A. Every 1:30 x 3 rounds
1st 60 sec hspu
2nd 16-20 x weighted box step ups 24/20″ (hold weight in one arm for 8-10 reps then swap)
3rd 60 sec seated leg lifts

B. 10 rounds
In 1:30
5 x press ups *
10 x renegade rows
10 x goblet squats
Max dus

30 sec rest

Score is the double unders

You should have about 30 sec left for your double unders, if not reduce the reps.

* scale down press ups of the box/chair (not of your kbees)
Scale up feet elevated or deficit press ups

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