Saturday 09.05.20

30 min amrap
200m run
20 single arm oh lunges
200m run
20 single arm snatches
200m run
20 thrusters

If your weight would be too heavy to perform single arm oh lunges safely performance front racked lunges

Partner wod
For time
200 single arm oh lunges
200 single arm snatches
200 thrusters

One partner works thru the reps while the other one runs 200m. Partners swap after each completed run. Once you accumulate 200 reps move onto next movement.

Get together on Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other form of video call and get after it

If you can’t run these are your options:
– Assault bike 15/10cal
– Row 250/200m
– Erg bike 500/400m
– 1 min of skipping

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