Friday 08.05.20

A. Every 1:30 for 24 min (4 sets)
1st 30 sec wall sit + 30 sec goblet squats
2nd 30 sec rdl + 30 sec bent over rows
3rd 30 sec L-sit or hollow hold + 30 sec v-ups or v-sits
4th 30 sec wall walk + 30 sec handstand hold

B. 6 min amrap
Double unders ladder. Climb the ladder as high as you can. Only unbroken double unders count (for example if you trip on set of 15s you have to start the 15s again, once you got it unbroken you can move on) This is nice little workout to practice your skipping 😉.

C. Tabata side plank
Alt between right and left side

8 rounds
20 sec work
10 sec rest

Zoom session 5:30 tonight

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