Tuesday 05.05.20

1 mile run warm up

A. 6-8 sets
30 sec hill sprint
2 min rest

1 mile run/walk cool down

Find a hill doesn’t have to be super steep, you should be able to run for 30 sec without stopping. It’s much safer to run/sprint up hill then on flat especially if you not use to sprinting. I would use first 2 sets as warm up sets and then go all out for the rest of them. 2 min rest should be enough to get back to your starting line. If you not sure were to go few options:
– White bridge to Jurby road
– Barrule reservoir
– Morragh park from football ground towards hospital

If you cant run and have bike or rower you can use them.

B. Core blast
5 x rounds
10 sec hollow hold
10 v-ups
10 v-sits
10 sec hollow hold

1 min rest

* Goal is to do it unbroken. If you can’t do v-ups scale them down to v-sits and v-sits to sit ups.

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