Monday 04.05.20

Warm up:
2 rounds
10 x pass thru / helicopters
10 x squats / sumo squats
10 x perfect stretch
5 x yoga press ups
10 x t-spine rotations 5/5
10 x fire hydrants 5/5
10 x bridge ups
5 x pull ups or double for single arm rows

A. 16 min emom
1st 8 x Bulgarian split squats left 3X11
2nd 8 x Bulgarian split squats right 3X11
3rd 30-45 sec handstand hold
4th 8 x single arm press each side (seated for added difficulty)

B. 15 emom
Option 1:
3 x pull ups
6 x press ups
9 x squats

Option 2:
4 x pull ups
8 x press ups
12 x squats

Option 3:
5 x pull ups
10 x press ups
15 x squats

Choose an option and perform all the reps every minute on the minute. If you can’t complete all the reps go to previous option. This is volume accumulation, move fast on the squats. If you can’t do pull ups do single arm rows whatever number you choose on both arms.

Zoom session 5:30 tonight.

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