Saturday 25.04.20

A. 5 min emom
30 sec work 30 sec rest
Pulling exercise of choice:
– pul ups (table pull ups)
– bent over row
– single arm rows
– band pull aparts
– banded face pulls

* focus on quality not quantity

B. 10 rounds for time
5 x jump lunge combo
10 press ups
15 x kb swings
200m run

Jump lunge combo:
2 jumping lunges + squat = 1 rep
(If your knees don’t like the jumping just do 2 normal lunges)

C. 10 minutes to stretch (don’t skip this)
Start with legs they will need some care after todays workout.
– foam roll the quads and glutes
– stretch the hamstrings
– stretch the pecs and shoulders

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