Friday 17.04.20

A. Tabata (alt between the movements do you end up doing both 4 times)

Hollow hold
Arch hold

Tabata: 8 rounds of 20 sec work 10 sec rest.

B. “Tabata something else” (you will do 8 rounds of pull ups then rest a minute followed by 8 rounds of sit ups rest a minute and so on till you complete all movements.

Pull ups strict
Sit ups
Press ups

Sub the pull ups for bent over rows, you can start with full press ups and then change it up to your knees. It will get difficult especially on the upper body as we accumulate fatigue, be honest with yourself and only count proper reps. If you have a pull up bar but can’t do pull ups yet go for 2-3 negatives. Scores on the members group. You should have one for each movement.

Zoom session 5:30 tonight

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