Monday 13.04.20

Warm up:
2 rounds
10 x pass thru / helicopters 2nd round
10 x squats / jumping squats 2nd round
10 x perfect stretch 5 each side
5 x inch worms press ups
10 x leg reach / scorpion 2nd round
10 x reverse snow angels
10 x table Pull-Ups or bent over rows or 20 banded face pulls

A. Every 1:30 x 5
1st 6 x overhead squats 53X1
2nd 3 reps of:
10 sec top of press up hold
10 sec bottom of press up hold

B. 4 sets
3 min amrap
6 x lateral no push up burpees
9 x plate or odd object gtoh
12 x overhead lunges

1 min rest

Srart where you finished so at the end you’ll have one score.

Zoom session 5:30 tonight. Same meeting ID and password as on Friday

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