Saturday 11.04.20

A. 3 rounds
200m run (1 min on row/bike)
12 squats (play with different width of your feet, normal – sumo – together)
6 press ups

Nose breath only

B. For time
1 mile run
150 single arm thrusters 5 left 5 right
5 x burpees every 10 reps
1 mile run

For those who can’t run you can do 2000/1750m row, 100/70 cal bike or 4000/3500m on the bike erg

If you have a choice go for heavier weight 💪👍🏻.
If you dont have dumbbell or kettlebell you can do normal thrusters with ruck sack.

Scaling options:
100 thrusters and 3 burpees every 10 reps

C. For quality
100 x renegade rows or 100 bent over rows

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