Friday 10.04.20

A.15 min emom
1st 45 sec Wall sit
2nd 30 sec L-sit
3rd 20 sec pull up hold *

* if you can’t do it perform 15 reverse snow angels, 10-15 bent over rows (light to medium weight) or 8 x single arm rows. All of the above variations shouldn’t take any longer then 40 sec.

B. Every 2 min for 16 minutes. Every other round start from v-ups and finish with double unders. The idea is to see if reversing the workout will make you slower with dus being at the end. Don’t spend any longer then 45 sec on dus, if you only manage 20 that’s fine. Let’s see your times on members group and 👍🏻

30 du
15 kb swings
10 v-ups

60 skips
15 kb swings
10 sit ups

Zoom session 5:30 tonight. Password is on Facebook

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