Tuesday 07.04.20

Warm up:
2 rounds
200m run (minute of skipping)
8 x no push up burpee
8 x press ups

Nose breath only

A. 5 rounds for time
400m run
16 x alt dumbbell snatch or odd object ground to overhead *
8 x single arm push press or 12 x odd object push press

* if you have heavier kettlebell you can do 16 x sumo deadlift high pulls

Try to do get out and run. If you can’t then sub the run for something which would take you around 1:30 to 2min. Row would be 500/400m, assault bike 30/22 cal and bike Erg 40/30 cal. Or you can practice your du for 90 sec.

B. 400m weigthed walk
With your weight from the workout walk 200 m one way turn around and come back. You can carry the weight overhead, in front rack or by your side.

6 min emom
1st 30 sec hollow hold
2nd 30 sec arch hold

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