Tuesday 31.03.20

A. Every 1:30 for 15 min (5 sets)
1st 5 x front squats 43X1
2nd 5-10 x hspu

For the squats use plate, kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell basically something heavy-ish. Take 4 seconds down stay at the bottom for 3 seconds fast on a way up, take breath and go again. Basically its one squat every 10 seconds do should take you 50 seconds

Hspu variations:
* Negatives
* Box hspu
* Pike hspu
* Seated dumbbell press, if you have only one dumbbell swap arms after completing all the reps on first arm.
Normal press ups

B. For quality
Overhead reverse lunges
Pull ups

For the oh lunges hold plate /ball / whatever you can find as long as it’s not to heavy and you will be breaking your sets
For Pull-Ups modify to table Pull-Ups / towel pull ups or single arm rows but if you do these do same amount of reps as the lunges

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