Friday 27.03.20

Deck of cards:
Spades – sit ups
Clubs – jumping lunges
Diamonds – press ups
Hearts – table Pull-Ups / bent over row / towel Pull-Ups

Joker 10 x burpees
King 20 x Russian twists
Queen 30 sec hollow hold
Jack 30 sec arch hold

Get a packet of cards, give it a good shuffle and start dealing.
For example if you get 7 of diamonds you will do 7 press ups, putting the card away and deal the next one. Workout isn’t overly once you go thru all of your cards.

If you want to do it online with us will be streaming live on zoom 5 o’clock. All you need to do is downliad zoom on your computer/laptop or phone (its free) let me know you want to join us and I’ll send you the details where to log in.

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