Thursday 26.03.20

A. 3 rounds for quality
10 x fire hydrants each side
10 x bird dog each side
10 x glute bridge (push of the hells and hold for 2-3 sec at the top)
20-30 sec Copenhagen adduction hold

For the first two exercises maintain tight core, locked arms. These should be slow and controlled.

B. 3-5 rounds emom
1st min 30 sec handstand hold (scaled down feet on chair)
2nd min 30 sec squat hold (add weight for difficuty)
3rd min 30 sec L-sit hold from chairs (scale down bend knees)

C. 10-15 min to stretch Lets see who can post the best picture of them selfs stretching 😉
Make an effort here, its really important you work on your mobility especially now when lot of us sit home most of the day. Great source is Tom Morrison on youtube
Couch stretch
Calf stretch
pigeon stretch
shoulder strech ( place both hands against the wall, push hips bag and drop your chest)
pec stretch

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