Friday + Saturday Easter weekend

Workout 1
100 squats
90 sit ups
80 reverse lunges
70 mountain climbers
60 burpees
50 v-sits
40 press ups
30 sec side plank each side
20 jumping squats
10 hand release press ups with shoulder taps

You can make this into partner workout, just double the reps and alternate5 with your partner

Workout 2
Running workout

Warm up
400m run
200m walk
200m run fast

5 x rounds
400m run (run around rugby pitch, behind post and on the outside of the corners)
200m walk/jog to recover (length + width of the pitch)

cool down
800m jog /walk

Stretch calfs, hamstring and quads
Goal is to be consistent on your 400m run. Effort should be around 80%.

If you can’t run go for 20-30 minutes swim.

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