Holiday wods

Wod 1
21 emom
1st min 10 x hand release press ups
2nd min 15 x v – ups
3rd min 20 x jumping squats
(minimum 15 sec rest each minute,
scale the reps if unable to get 15 sec rest)

Wod 2
5 rounds for quality
5 -8 x handstand press ups *
20 x Bulgarian split squats 10 each side (elevate your back foot little around 5 inches would be good, something like kerb by the road or step at home would work well )
*(we did this last week, pick the same variation you have done at that session, 30-45 sec handstand hold, wall walk if you have space to do it, hspu with straight legs or negatives

3 rounds
60 sec plank (elbows under shoulders, nose on top of your thumbs, body should be in straight line)
15 sec rest
45 sec side plank left
15 sec rest
45 sec side plank right
60 sec rest

If you feel like you haven’t done much you can do 3 minutes of max burpees and see if you can get 50 + (standards for burpees are in post bellow)

Wod 3
20 min emom
1st min 10 burpees *
2nd min 20 squats
*(chest and thighs touch the floor, jump up to full extention and clap your hands above your head)

Grab two water bottles (you choose the size, make sure they are full of water)
4 rounds
15 sec Lateral raises palms facing down
15 sec hold

Rest 60 sec

4 rounds
15 sec Lateral raises thumbs up
15 sec hold with palms facing up

60 sec rest and repeat the complex once more

Wod 4
For time
Jumping lunges
Sit ups
Press ups

Wod 5
Lake workout
5 rounds
10-15 x pull ups on one end  ( I believe there is pull up station there, jumping or negative are fine
10-15 x dips on the other end (use bench but the caffe)
This is not for time but quality the run between your stations will give your arms some rest)

Wod 6
If you have kettlebell at home you can do 300-500 kb swings broken into
10 swings
15 sec rest
15 swings
15sec rest
25 swings
30 sec rest
50 swings
2-3 min rest

Wod 7
Feel free to go for a run or swim on this day.

If you have skipping rope 5 min practice before any of the workouts above will work as nice warm up. Do some crawling and dynamic stretches as part of warm
Russian baby makers
Bridge up
Cossack squats
Frog jumps
Bear crawl
Side crawl
Yoga press ups
Reverse snow angels

Dont forget to stretch for 5-10 minutes afterwards. Hamstrings, calfs, quads and shoulders you will feel much better once you done.

The workouts with the warm up and cool down shouldn’t take no more then 40 minutes no need to add extra or do two in one day. Try to get together and do these in group it’s always more fun with others and stops you from slaginng.

Have fun team 💪😉🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️

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