Wednesday 04.07.18 – Sunday 08.07.18

Wod 1
Running wod (mooragh rugby pitch)
8 rounds
Full lap around rugby pitch (cca 400m)
Walk half a lap to recover (cca 200m)
Stay consistent on your runs (put something suncream on :-))

Wod 2
10 rounds for time
5 x hand release press ups
10 x sit ups
20 x walking lunges

Wod 3
21 min Emom
1st min 30 sec handstand hold (30 sec shoulder taps
2nd min 20 x jumping squats
3rd min 10 v-ups

Wod 4
One for the hardcore
2000m run
Every 200m perform 10 burpees
(go to mooragh rugby pitch and run on the perimeter of the pitch, if run from one corner to opposite corner that’s roughly 200m)
Bring water and suncream 🥛☀️

Get few of you together and do it in a group. It’s gonna be more fun then doing on your own. Have fun people 😉💪

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